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Training Sessions

Jupiter can provide training to your teachers and/or administrators, either in person on your campus or via web conference. Please contact us us for pricing and availability. Note these are for group accounts only, not individual subscribers.

Having said that, Jupiter is relatively easy to learn, and most of our schools are quite happy using the free training videos to do their own training.

System Administrators

As the system administrator and trainer, watch all the videos and read the Help manual.

Then set your school settings and import all your students before new staff sign up. The more preparation you do, the easier it will be for everyone else to get started.

You may want to create an extra school with fake students just for training purposes. To do this, go to the Setup Schools screen in Admin Mode and click the "New School" button. Give your fake school a name like "(your district name) Training". (If you just add "Training" to a school name, that's not distinct enough, so nothing will happen. If you don't see your training school in the pop-up menu, try again with a more distinct name.)


To train your teachers, we recommend that you offer two training sessions a few weeks apart if possible: one at the start of the year, and another before your first progress reports. In the first session, they will set up their gradebooks. Show the following videos and have them complete these tasks:

Sales Demo 6 min
Introduction 6 min
Gradebook Setup 7 min
▸ Sign up, load your classes and rosters.
▸ Notice a tip pops up if you hold your mouse over most items on any screen.

Grading Options 3 min
▸ Set your options on the Setup Grading screen.

Assignments 4 min
Weights 3 min
Standards 4 min, skip if not applicable
▸ Create a few practice assignments with different options.
▸ Enter some arbitrary grades for practice.
▸ Copy some assignments to other classes.

Reports 5 min
Student/Parent Login 5 min
Attendance (for teachers) 3 min
Substitute Teachers 3 min
▸ Explore the different reports on the Print screen.
▸ Try some Email options. Preview them, but do not send them.
▸ Delete your practice assignments.
▸ Create a seating chart.
▸ Enter instructions for a sub.

In the second session, teachers will experiment with other settings, preferably at a fake school just for training purposes. Show the following videos and have them try these tasks:

New Grading Period 2 min
Advanced Grading 6 min
Report Cards 2 min
▸ Create a new gradebook at the fake school, with a fake class and some fake students.
▸ Enter some scores then change them, then click "Backups".
▸ Change some scores and click "What If".
▸ Add extra credit assignments to see how it affects the grades.
▸ Add an "Adjust Percents" assignment.
▸ Try the "Report Cards" screen.
▸ Add multiple assignments with grades and click the "Drop" button.
▸ Try the "Curve Scores" checkbox.
▸ Delete the gradebook from the fake school (on Setup Classes/Subjects).
▸ Ask any follow-up questions from the first training session.


To train your principals, counselors, and office clerks, offer a training session at the start of the year. Either let them create some fake data to experiment with (and have them delete it when done), or create a fake school just for training purposes.

Sales Demo  6 min
Introduction  6 min
Student Information  7 min
Scheduling  5 min
Attendance (for admins)  4 min
Discipline  6 min
Discipline (part 2)  5 min
Student/Parent Login  5 min
Substitute Teachers  3 min
▸ Sign up.
▸ Explore all the screens in the Student menu.
▸ Explore all the screens in the Schedule menu.
▸ Explore the Attendance screens.
▸ Explore the Referrals and Detention screens.
▸ Read the Help guide and explore the other features for report cards, messages, academic plans, and course requests.

Students & Parents

Show this video to students, and optionally parents too. It will repeat every 5 minutes, so you can leave it running during Back-to-School Night for parents to watch. (Or students and parents can watch this video on their own by clicking the "Video Tour" link on the login screen.)

Student/Parent Login 5 min
▸ Print the Passwords for students.
▸ Have students login, choose their password, and set their email address.
▸ Have students look up their grades and homework, and explore the other screens.

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