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Export Data

On the screen in Admin Mode, admins can export various data files:

•  Students
•  Staff
•  Schools
•  Courses/Sections
•  Grades/Rosters
•  Transcripts
•  Juno Pod Questions/Content
•  Juno Pod Student Answers
•  Test Scores
•  Assignments & Scores
•  Attendance
•  Standards
•  Fees & Payments
•  Behavior Log
•  Export to Clever

Depending on the type of export, you can select which data to export:

•  All schools (if you have multiple schools in your account) or one school
•  All students, select grade levels, specific demographics or special programs, etc.
•  Include or exclude students who withdrew from school during the year

You cannot filter data by other criteria, nor export data for just one teacher or class.

You must have the appropriate permissions at each school for the type of data you are exporting.

File Format

You may customize which columns appear in which order, and customize the file format:

•  CSV (comma-delimited) or TXT (tab-delimited)
•  Unix (LF) or Windows (CR-LF) line breaks
•  Header row optional, with custom header text
•  UTF-8 character set only (this matters only if your data has accented characters like in "RenĂ©e")

Boolean values can be exported as Y/N, 1/0, or T/F. To customize something else, use the Find/Replace option to replace "Y" with something else, like "affirmative", and "N" with something else, like "negative".

Dates can be formatted as:

m/d/yyyy  (9/1/2016)
mm/dd/yyyy  (09/01/2016)
yyyy-mm-dd  (2016-09-01)
yyyymmdd  (20160901)

School Year can be formatted as:

2015  (year of fall)
2016  (year of spring)
Summer school year can be formatted as:
2016 summer

Text may contain HTML tags for <br>, <b>, and <i>.

Replace Values

You may substitute exported values. Click the triangle latch next to the data field, then enter which text you want replaced with what. This replaces whole values only, not text within values. For example, you can replace the genders "M" and "F" with special codes like "01" and "02" if needed. You can also replace blanks; e.g., if the gender is unspecified, it normally exports a blank, so replace blank with any text, like "03".

Note: If the exported value is a comma-delimited list, it will replace each item in the list independently.

Note: If you replace a value with "*skip*" (including both asterisks, not the quotes), then the whole row of data is not exported.


You may insert columns that are blank or have a constant value that is in the same in all rows, in case your other software requires it for importing.

Automatic Exports via FTP / SFTP

You can export files directly from Jupiter to your own FTP or SFTP server, or pull them from Jupiter's SFTP server. You can schedule it to occur automatically to synchronize with other software. See details

Compress as ZIP

Check "Compress as ZIP" to export the data file as a ZIP archive. (Note: Your browser might be set to automatically unzip files after download, but this still makes the download faster.)

Save Settings

To save your settings for future use, check "Save these settings", and choose a name to remember what the export is for. To reuse or edit the settings, click the export under "Saved Settings" on the screen. Click the "Delete Settings" button to remove them from that list.

Ad Hoc Reporting

You may export all the data above to import into your own database, which you may then use for ad hoc reporting. (For performance reasons, you may not query the Jupiter database directly, because a badly constructed query could slow down the whole system for other customers.)


If nothing downloads, make sure your browser is not blocking downloads. For Internet Explorer, in the "Tools" menu select "Internet Options...". Click the "Security" tab and click the "Custom Level" button. Scroll to find "Downloads" > "Automatic prompting for file downloads" and select "Enable".

If Internet Explorer asks, "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?" select "No". (Internet Explorer 8 has a bug when it tries to download encrypted files, so for that browser Jupiter exports files without encryption, which causes that security prompt.) Or try Chrome or Firefox instead.

See also: Import Data, Automatic Imports/Exports, Export to Clever, Embed Parent/Student Portal