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We keep backup copies of our servers every night, in case of hardware failure. But more importantly, the system keeps continuous copies of every change to your most critical data, so you can undo mistakes anytime...or to revert your data if someone stole your password and made unauthorized changes! Note: This does not keep continuous backups of every possible setting, such as student information, gradebook setup, or assignment options — just the following areas:

Restore Scores

The screen shows date when each score was entered. View all scores for one assignment, or for one student. Hold your mouse over a score to see the exact time. Click any score to restore that single score or set of scores to that time.

Undelete Assignments

On the screen, look in the menu for any deleted assignments. Select the assignment and click any score to undelete that assignment and restore the scores to that date.

Undrop Students

On the screen, click "Add Students", then enter the student's name or ID. All their grades will be restored automatically. Or admins can do the same thing on the screen in Admin Mode. (Note: Dropping or Withdrawing a student is different from Deleting them. Deleted students cannot be undeleted, but it's unlikely you would ever need to delete a student, and it gives a prominent warning if you try to delete anyone.)

Undelete Classes

On the screen in your Gradebook or the screen in Admin Mode, click the "Backups" button to undelete a class or gradebook. (Note: Classes and gradebooks cannot be undeleted after 14 days.)

Undelete Schedules

On the screen in Admin Mode, click the "Backups" button to undelete a section or an entire draft schedule. (Note: Sections and drafts cannot be undeleted after 14 days.)

Restore Transcripts

On the screen in Admin Mode, click the "Backups" button to see a history of all changes. Click any changes to undo them.

Audit Attendance

On the screen in Admin Mode, click the "Audit Log" button to see who entered or changed each attendance code, and on what date and time.

Revert Changes

Click the "Revert" button on any screen to undo all the changes you made since the webpage loaded.

Natural Disasters

We recommend teachers print their gradebooks about once a week, just in case a disaster leaves you without electricity or internet access for a period of time. Your data will still be safe on our servers when you get your internet access back.

See also: Security, Export Data